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UK Registered Company, Number 7611810
Registered Address: 1a Waldegrave Park, Twickenham TW1 4TL
Company Director: Caroline Ashley

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Ashley Insight was founded in April 2011 by Caroline Ashley. Caroline’s focus is how we build business models and economic models that drive socially-inclusive, equitable and sustainable development.  Or to put it ambitiously, creating Capitalism 2.0.

Caroline’s 30 years’ experience in development has included pioneering work on inclusive business with companies and funders, with communities and donors on sustainable rural livelihoods, with tourism operators and governments on tourism-driven local development, with conservationists on sustainable equitable natural resource management, and with Oxfam colleagues on embedding women’s economic empowerment.  Across all she has developed an array of work on different approaches to tracking results, setting KPIs and shaping the impacts of economies on poverty and sustainable livelihoods.

She is an international expert on the role of the private sector in international development and has worked with an array of businesses, social enterprise, funds and investors.  She has also worked ‘under the tree’ in Africa and Asia, and worked for Oxfam, the Overseas Development Institute, Namibian Government, US Congress, UK Parliament, and a host of bilateral, multilateral and private consultancy clients.

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Caroline Ashley CV (2020)

Between 2011 to 2018 various contracts were carried out in collaboration with Associates including:

Carolin Schramm
Ellen Carey-Maginnis
Lara Sinha
Anne Salter
Tom Harrison